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Castle of Óbidos

Óbidos and its ramparts are to be done during a trip to Portugal.

About Obidos

Perched on a hill in the Oeste region of Portugal , Óbidos is surrounded by an old fortified rampart.

The name Óbidos probably derives from the Latin term oppidum , which means “citadel”, or “fortified city”. The Romans lived there until the 5th century before abandoning the city following the fall of Rome.

In the 8th century, the Moors established a fortification at the top of the hill. The latter was taken over by the first king of Portugal, Afonso Henriques (Alphonse I of Portugal), in 1148 and it was modified in the 14th century.

Castelo de Óbidos
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If you’re not afraid of heights, its a great climb to all of the upper points of the castle. Its a little scary being so high up…on a narrow ledge. But there are breathtaking views from up there
Davor Andric (Divak)Davor Andric (Divak)
19:22 15 Sep 21
Must see if you are in Portugal😎 small town that will impress you with a beautiful soul! Lots of flowers, small streets, historic places and then you see and hear some guy playing guitar 🖖Must see. I just love it… and planning visit again.
Carina CanelasCarina Canelas
14:59 31 Aug 21
Castelo de Óbidos is a magical place. You can feel the energy in the air and the old ghosts walking around the streets. It’s a beautiful place to breathe, relax and find inspiration. You can find many beautiful stores, and amazing food. My favourite place in the world.
Danny millsDanny mills
18:10 17 Jul 21
Lovely town, full of happy smiling faces.Lots of shops with locally produced artifacts.Bars and restaurants galore, and an abundance of affordable accommodation.If you have the stomach for it, a walk around the town on top of the castle wall is a must do.
Robert RosenfeldRobert Rosenfeld
21:04 29 Jun 21
Cute town to stroll around. Castle wall makes a nice walk. But be careful – it is narrow in places with no barriers. Not a place for over-exuberant children!

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Immersive View

Besides the wall, the magnificent medieval castle and the historic center of Obidos are the main attraction of the city and can be easily visited on foot. The maze of narrow cobbled streets will lead you to bustling squares, cozy cafes, quaint shops, local craft markets, and everywhere you will see the whitewashed houses decorated with flowers and beautiful colorful paintings. A street not to be missed: Rua Direita .


Santa Maria and São Pedro

Elegant old churches such as those of Santa Maria and São Pedro are adorned with hand-painted tiles ( azulejos ), ceilings and walls, to the delight of the eyes.

Castelo de Obidos


Address: R. Josefa de Óbidos, 2510-001 Óbidos, Portugal

Castelo de Obidos

How to visit?

In the Historical Center of Óbidos you may visit several Monuments, as Churches, Museums (those ones are closed on mondays).

The «Castle of Óbidos» is not open for visiting, since it was transformed into a Historical «Pousada» in the 50s, and is still functioning as a Hotel Unit.

The only areas visitable are the Garden/Terrace, Belvedere located in front of the “Pousada” entrance, the Walls, the “Cerca” courtyard behind the Castle (when no events are being held).

The access to these areas is free (exception mentioned above) and of course the Town and Monuments.

Concerning the Wall, it has a perimeter of 1565 meters, that can be easily done, of course caution is always required once there is no protection barrier and not suitable for small children.

Medieval Festival

Medieval Festival of Obidos

Every July, Óbidos steps back in time with its annual Medieval Festival (the Medieval Market ), which features a costumed parade, jugglers, troubadours, jousting knights, and other performances (fire-eaters…), as well as a craft market showcasing medieval wares and food like spit-roasted meat, savory sausages, soup and beer served in pewter mugs.

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